Safe Ways To Sell Your Gold

If you own valuable jewelry like gold, it can be overwhelming to find a reputable buyer. This guide will help you navigate these treacherous waters to ensure you get the best offer. So, are you searching for safe ways to sell your gold? Here are convenient and smart ways to sell gold.


If you have gold coins or jewelry, you should sell online to get the best price. And the process is straightforward. Once you contact a reputable buyer, you should fill in an application form with your address and general information about your item. After that, you’ll receive a mailer to sell your item followed by a quote. If you accept, you’ll get paid via bank, check, or PayPal.

But depending on the buyer you choose, you may be charged a small fee for appraisals, shipping, and handling.

The best online buyer with an A+ rating is Abe Mor.



Selling your gold online saves time and money. You just send your pieces to an online buyer and wait for a cash bid. If you’re not comfortable with the purchase, you can reject the offer.


Apart from getting the best price for jewelry online, safety is guaranteed. It’s better than taking your gold to pawn shops where it’s prone to thieves.


Your gold will attract buyers from all over the world. And it’s easier to find someone who will give the top dollar. If you’re selling to an online company, you can check the background and reputation. The internet also allows you to select the best buyers.

Fast payments

Most online buyers can pay via bank transfer, check, or PayPal. Such payments are quick and convenient.

While you’ll get the best price online, it’s not the fastest option.


Abe Mor will give a better rate and quote based on the weight and quote. Besides that, they provide a trace delivery service. The company also works with local partners where you can drop your gold.

Selling scrap and broken gold

If you have a broken gold necklace, you can sell it to Abe Mor Diamond cutters. The buying process is quick and will give the best price.


Selling your gold to a pawn shop can be a gateway to getting a good offer and instant payment. If you’re a first-time seller, you may feel a bit of pressure. The amount a pawnshop offers will depend on the current price of gold, fineness, and the profit margin the shop expects to get.

Most pawnshops will buy gold coins, gold bullion bars, among other forms. But like other commodities, the price will depend on the fluctuating market conditions. Therefore, you should check the market price before you walk to a pawnshop. Also, the price offered will vary from one shop to another.

The buyer will also consider the ease of selling your jewelry. For example, gold wedding bands are easier to sell than other types that appeal to a smaller audience. And there’s a reason for it – the buyer wants the lowest price so that he can sell and get a reasonable profit.

Advantages of selling gold to a pawnshop

Most large cities have several pawnshops that can buy gold. Besides, you sell the gold locally, so you don’t have to ship it to the buyer. Of course, the shop could be a few minutes from home. Thirdly, pawnshops offer instant payment for gold (a faster option).

Disadvantages of selling gold to a pawnshop

While most pawn shops are run by honest people, you should expect to negotiate the price. Secondly, the staff here may not recognize how much some valuables are worth. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to evaluate the fair value of a bar or gold coin.

If you want your gold to fetch the best price, there are a few tricks you can do to avoid being ripped off. You should know the gold fineness, check the weight, avoid mixing karats and only sell to a reputable shop.

Of course, you want to get several offers before you settle for a specific buyer. It’s worth mentioning that you should consider how much the same gold costs online.


When you sell your gold at a local jewelry store, you may experience some of the downsides you expect to encounter in a pawn shop. But there are a few benefits that come with this option. You get a convenient method of payment like cash. Not to mention, there’s no waiting time if you wish to get back your gold.

But there are a few downsides to selling your gold at the local jewelry store. For instance, there are only a few jewelry stores that sell gold. This means you have to search around before you get the perfect store. But just like pawnshops, you expect low prices. The store owners must factor in things like utility bills, rent, and salaries.


If you happen to see a store with a sign we buy gold, that’s an exchange store. Generally speaking, such stores will accept collectible coins and gold bullion for cash. It can be an excellent option and a better alternative than taking your gold to a pawn shop.

But the disadvantage of such shops is that they offer a fraction of what you’d expect in online stores. So, before you settle for a specific exchange store you should compare the prices.


If you’re looking for a place to sell gold rings, bracelets, earrings, Abe Mor Diamond Cutters can be a sure bet. They give better offers than cash for gold stores. On average, Abe Mor will give more than 75% of what you’d expect in a jewelry store.

If you have bullion bars and coins, the online dealer will pay up to 75% of the actual value. But what makes Abe Mor stack up above the competition is the fact that they offer a price match guarantee. You can be sure you’ll receive more than what you’d expect from other gold buyers.

Another reason that makes Abe Mor a choice for many is the simple selling process. You just send an email together with the picture of your gold, and they will give you the best offer.

To ensure you get the best price, you should sell at the right time (when the price is weak). But if you feel the offer is not the best, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Finally, you should check the reputation of the company you sell to.